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“Bonsai is my passion”

Hector "Mulato" Melendez

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Bonsai Courses

Learn how to cultivate bonsai with Mulato

Mulato teaches how to cultivate high quality bonsai. In this course you will learn the basics about bonsai and it will help you start in this incredible ancient art. This course is aimed to every person who wants to learn basic and intermediate bonsai techniques. Spanish and English languages are available.

Take your bonsai skills to the next level

This is a great course when you know the basics of bonsai, but still want to learn more, to get to the next level.

In this course  you will learn advanced techniques including advanced wiring, creating and maintaining deadwood, redesign bonsai, advanced cultivating techniques, planting over rock, prepare bonsais for exhibitions, and much more.

The lectures in this course contain step by step  instructions, detailed videos and explained images, that will guide students and help them learn advanced techniques very fast.

If you want to become a better bonsai artist and get better at this art, then this course is for you.

A peacefull ancient art that you can learn at home 

My Store

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Visit my online store where you can find a lot of items related to the bonsai art

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Bonsai Books

Books to learn about bonsai

Learn bonsai by reading books. Mulato offers a variety of bonsai books where he teaches the basics of bonsai and also galleries of bonsai with tropical species, with exhibition caliber and presentation.

Tropical Bonsai Gallery Book

Little things that magnify the soul

Mulato with a neea buxifolia bonsai in his hand


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