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Mulato looking at his buttonwood bonsai with dead wood
Basic Bonsai Course

Hector "Mulato" Melendez teaches how to grow bonsai. This course covers topics such as bonsai styles, wiring, transplanting, watering and much more. It covers all you need to know to start growing bonsai. The course also contains detailed videos and images, with clear examples, where "Mulato" demonstrate all his techniques.


The content of this course serve as an example of everything you need to do to make high quality finished bonsai.


This course is aimed to anyone who wants to learn the art of bonsai, either if you are just a beginner, or have some knowledge, but need to get better.


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Advanced Course Image
Advanced Bonsai Course

Hector "Mulato" Melendez take your bonsai skills to the next level with this Advanced Bonsai Course.

This is a great course when you know the basics of bonsai, but still want to learn more, to get to the next level.

In this course  you will learn advanced techniques including advanced wiring, creating and maintaining deadwood, redesign bonsai, advanced cultivating techniques, planting over rock, prepare bonsais for exhibitions, and much more.

The lectures in this course contain step by step  instructions, detailed videos and explained images, that will guide students and help them learn advanced techniques very fast.

The majority of the lectures in this course are for the students to practice, and the tools needed are listed at the beginning of each lecture.

After completing this course the student will have a better understanding of advanced bonsai techniques, converting students in better bonsai artists as they will start making better bonsais.

The students will get better as they start to practice the content of this course.

If you want to become a better bonsai artist and get better at this art, then this course is for you.

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The Ancient Art of Suiseki Stones

Suiseki is the Japanese art of stones appreciation.

Suiseki art, just like bonsai, was originated in Japan hundreds of years ago, and has refined with time. But you don't need to go to Japan to find a Suiseki stone. You can find stones very similar to the ones in Japan where you live, and convert them in Suiseki, the same way we do with bonsai.

I have been appreciating and collecting these stones for several years now, and the passion is still growing in me. 

We can find them in the form of mountains, human figures, animals, waterfalls, islands, lakes and more. And we find this rocks in beaches, rivers and in rocky terrain. In most cases, we find potential Suiseki stones in places where you can connect with nature, where you can find mental peace, away from the city.

In this course you will learn from start to end, what is the art of Suiseki, how and where to find the correct stones, cleaning them, crafting a custom pedestal, displaying the stone, how to exhibit a Suiseki, how can they go along with bonsai, and much more. And best of all, you will learn all about Suiseki just in one place. 

I just hope that you enjoy what you will learn in this course and that it encourages you to start your own Suiseki collection very soon.

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